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Welcome on this blog about analog photography and other ‘mechanical things’. You’ll find lots of blogs about old cameras, shooting film and watches.

Featured YouTube channel

Chris Mehmet

Chris Mehmet is a photographer based in Australia. He has a YouTube channel where he takes his viewers along on his trips. I really like the easygoing videos and the great landscapes he takes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, or great content, make sure to check him out!

Recent blogs

My first frames on Fuji Provia 100F!

Fuji Provia 100F | Shoot Analog Photos
I’ve always wanted to shoot color positive film! The first time I saw the results of Velvia 50 I was amazed by the tonality and color rendition. Slide film is expensive, so I was very…
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The story of Shoot Analog Photos

It all started with my passion for mechanical watches, which is a weird twist to most… Before I got into photography, I was an avid watch collector. I was mostly interested in vintage watches from renowned brands such as Rolex, Omega, Zenith and Enicar.

A few years later I started with photography as a hobby, immediately I bought myself a Fujifilm camera as it was the most mechanical experience with all the knobs and buttons. I didn’t take long before I discovered a YouTube channel called Radical Eye Magazine, where they shot on film with old cameras. 

As I’ve always been fascinated with vintage items, I went looking for an older camera… It started with a Olympus Mju, quickly followed by a Minolta X700 and a few weeks later I bought my first medium format camera. You could say I got a severe a case of gear acquisition sydrome.

Whilst I don’t by that many cameras anymore, I’m discovering film photography, all kinds of film and the processing of film. Shoot Analog Photos is my way to take you along on this adventure and maybe inspire you to shoot film!

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Featured photographers

Brae Hunziker

Brae is a film photographer with a successful YouTube channel. You’ll see him taking shots of landscapes in some of the most scenic places in America. Whilst I’m not that into landscapes, he certainly makes it very enjoyable to watch and with some great photos as a result.

Mark Campbell

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