In the bag

Curious to find out which cameras I’m using, my favorite film stocks and more?
I’ve listed my mainstays below, these have been in the bag for quite some while and aren’t leaving soon.


Bronica SQ-Ai

The second Zenza Bronica I bought, it has some features that are lacking from earlier models, which makes it easier to use. Solidly build and a bit lighter than the SQ-A, it’s my go-to when I’m on the road.

Bronica SQ-A

The first Zenza Bronica I owned! It’s a very solid 6×6 camera that’s easy to use, has great build quality and a nice selection of lenses. This one is fitted with the speed grip and an eye-level viewfinder, that’s why it’s my portrait machine.

Minolta X300

One of the most basic SLR’s you can get, yet it’s a joy to shoot with! Minolta has a great selection of lenses for a good price. The camera feels like a point and shoot on steroids with a phenomenal light meter.

Minolta X700

Basically the first camera that contained some real computing power. It was revolutionary because of its program mode, which did everything for you, except focussing. A lovely camera that’s my go to for anything more serious on 35mm.


Bronica PS 65 4.0

A magnificent wide-angle lens for medium format. My main lens for landscape photography as well wider portraits.

Bronica PS 80 2.8

A sharp all-rounder for my Bronica system. Suitable for landscape, portraits and everything else. A mainstay in the bag.

Bronica PS 135 4.0

A very rare lens for the Bronica SQ system since it was one of the latest to go into a production. A slightly wider than usual portrait lens that offers magnificent depth of field.

Minolta Rokkor X 50 1.7

The standard lens on Minolta cameras and a pretty good one as well! Compact with decent sharpness from 2.8 onwards. Pancake style so ideal when you’d like to travel compact.