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The Campine

If you’re not from Belgium, you’ll never have heard of this rural area in Flanders. The Campine is an area in the northeast of Belgium and Netherlands which is best known for its local produces such as Hoogstraatse strawberries.

I grew up in the capital of the Campines, in a city called Turnhout. Whilst Turnhout hasn’t got much to show for, except it cards museum, the Campine is a beautiful area when it comes to nature and rural scenes.

Whilst I’m a big city guy myself, discovering the nooks and crannies of the Campines is nice to do in summer. I’ve only decided to go out on these little adventures last spring due to our famous Corona lockdown. Against all expectations I rather enjoyed myself on my many walks and bike rides across the countryside.

As I’m always carrying a camera with me, I decided to document some of the views, landscapes and other typical Campine things…

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