How I rolled into analog photography?

Let’s say that film photography isn’t the most obvious thing to do for someone of my age… I can’t even remember if I even shot on film as a kid, maybe once with a disposable camera. Although I had been photographing for a solid year, the thought of shooting analog hadn’t crossed my mind. That all changed when I went onto YouTube looking for inspiration and found a channel that peaked my interest!

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Looking for a new challenge

I was shooting digital for the past 2 years and felt like I was getting bored with shooting a picture, throwing it into Lightroom and exporting the final result. After a solid year of doing this, it felt repetitive…

I went onto YouTube to look for inspiration, maybe a different way of working and a new challenge. I spend about a month looking at different videos, channels and creators. All of them did something different, but nothing sparked my interest to go out again. That’s until I saw this video by Radical Eye Magazine.

I had been looking at gear the last couple of days on a Belgian Craig’s list. One of the items suggested to me was a Mamiya 645 Super, quite an odd camera to someone who didn’t know about analog photography. When I saw the video of Radical Eye Magazine pop-up on my feed, I recognized the name of the camera. I was curious to what was different about it, so I started the video…

Discovering a new way

In the first few minutes of the video I was hooked on the idea of shooting analog. The way he needed to take his time with focusing, making sure the settings are correct and executing the shot made me see a nicer way of shooting. When the pictures popped up on screen they had something different about them compared to the results I’ve always gotten until then.

I couldn’t wait to try it out, but a couple of challenges arose quickly… Finding a good camera was a challenge, certainly in a small country like Belgium. A second challenge was finding film, which still proves to be difficult at times.

Getting started with film

After a while I found an Olympus Mju for a steal. The owner sold it to me for €35, which I knew was a very good price. I went to pick-up the camera, ran to the store to get a battery and a roll of film.

About 15 minutes later I took my first shot. A couple days later I sent my first roll to the lab. A week later I saw my first shots. A year later I launched….

I hope to inspire otherts to shoot film, just as I was inspired by Radical Eye Magzine. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration, learn something about film or maybe even start shooting film by reading the blog!

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